“An annual celebration of the magic of the web and those who craft it.”

Webstock is an annual celebration of the magic of the web and those who craft it. It’s held every year in Wellington, New Zealand. We are a web technology conference and since 2005 we have featured a range of high profile speakers covering a variety fo web related topics such as accessibility, usability, ethnographic design, and development practices.

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Andy Baio is an American technologist and blogger. He is the co-founder of the XOXO Festival, founder of Upcoming.org, a former CTO of Kickstarter, and author of the Waxy.org blog.

Jessica Hische is an American letterer, illustrator, and type designer. She is best known for her personal projects, 'Daily Drop Cap' and the 'Should I Work for Free' flowchart. She is currently based in San Francisco, CA.

Marco Arment is an American iOS and Web developer, as well as a technology writer and former magazine editor, living in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. He is known for co-founding Tumblr and creating Instapaper.

Nicholas Felton is an infographic designer. He is the author of Personal Annual Reports that weave measurements into a tapestry of graphs, maps and statistics to reflect the year’s activities.

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